Winter is right around the corner and Windshield Wipers in good condition are an important Safety Item to Ensure Visibility in difficult winter driving conditions. The next time you’re at Jake’s Auto for a Service have our Team check your wipers. We have wipers for all makes and models. Consider “Winter” Blades, they are reasonably priced and an important investment for the Winter Season.

Important Wiper Tips:

  • Protect your windshield wipers by leaving them in the raised position if you park outside.
  • Make sure to keep an ice scraper and snow brush in your vehicle.
  • Use an ice scraper on the windshield ice before you turn on your wipers or press the wiper washers. This will help to protect your entire wiper system.
  • Keep a bottle of windshield washer fluid rated for cold temps at home and check your washer reservoir to ensure it’s filled before you get on the road.

Give us a call @ Jake’s Auto to schedule your next Vehicle Service and Wiper Check!