Cold Weather Vehicle Check #1 – Tire’s: Make sure to schedule a time to come in and have the Jake’s Team check your Tires for: Tread Life, Tire Pressures, Uneven Wear and Need for Rotation or Alignment. For New Tire Needs: There are many good All Season Tire options available today that will perform well….

Does your vehicle have its snow tires yet? If not, give us a call to get you better prepared for the colder weather! Check us out for your new tire needs too. We have competitive pricing!

Pentagon Race Fab @ Jake’s Automotive is now a Stainless Works Dealer!    

Pentagon Race Fab & Jake’s Automotive is now an AFCO Performance Dealership Contact us for your next Performance Project!    

Safety Items to Check to make sure your vehicle is running safely: * Check lights and wipers to make sure they are working properly. * Get an Annual Brake Inspection. * Look and Listen for Brake wear warning signs: Screeching, Grinding, or Clicking noises when applying the Brake. * Check for an Illuminated Dash/Brake Light….

Call us Today for a “Road Ready Vehicle Checkup” and enjoy Peace of Mind knowing your Vehicle is Ready for a Great Ride!

Ron Miller has recently joined the Jake’s Automotive Team! Ron brings an Extensive Knowledge and 20+ years Automotive Experience to our Team, Specializing in Electronics and Engine Diagnostics.

Check out the Custom Exhaust we’ve just completed for a 1957 Chevy Wagon! Pictures can be found on our Pentagon Race Fab page

TJ’s Automotive Talent and Experience are a Welcome Asset to our Team!

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