Our Team @ Jake’s Auto extends a Warm Welcome to Andrew our “Newest Team Member”.

Andrew has joined our Robust & Highly Experienced Technician Team.

                                “Welcome Andrew”


Is Your Vehicle Ready for the Upcoming Colder Months?  

We Recommend A Cold Weather Vehicle Check- up on These Important Items:   

  1. Battery

  2. Brake System

  3. Antifreeze

  4. Lights & Wipers

  5. Tires

Give us a Call Today @ Jake’s Auto to Schedule your Cold Weather Vehicle Check!

Check out this NEW “All Weather Tire” !

It’s Not A “Snow” It’s not an “All Season” It’s an “All Weather”  Nokian Tire!


Nokian “All WEATHER” Tire:

  • All Weather Durability, Suitable for All Driving Conditions
  • Excellent Handling and Safety in the Rain, Summer & Snow.
  • Best Year Round Tire for Winter Climates
  • Mountain Snowflake Rated for use in Severe Winter Conditions
  • Full ABS Braking from 50mph on a Snowy Surface is 20 Car Lengths
  • Efficiently Prevents Slush and Aquaplaning
  • Environmentally Friendly – Low rolling resistance saves fuel consumption
  • Eco-Conscious Material


Give us a Call @ Jake’s Auto and Our Experienced Tire Specialists will  discuss Tire options tailored to your specific Vehicle needs.

We’ll have you ready for the upcoming Cold Weather months and a Safe & Comfortable year round ride!


To Our Valued Customers,

It is our hope this message finds You and Your Family Safe and Well.  

We are Open and remain ready to help with your vehicle needs during these uncertain times.

While closely monitoring daily COVID-19 recommendations we are taking needed precautions to ensure our business environment is Safe and Sanitary for your protection and the protection of our Team and families. This includes practicing Social Distancing by accepting only Drop-Off Appointments currently and limiting contact.

For Drop Off: You may drop your keys in our Exterior Drop Box or at our Drop off Point right inside the front door. During business hours you can also avoid entry to the building by Calling (315-410-5253) or Texting (315-247-8922) when you arrive and leave your vehicle and keys in the parking lot.

For Pick Up: We encourage payment by credit card via phone and will make safe and secure arrangements for pickup.

Thank you for your understanding and loyalty.

We look forward to a time when we will see you again in person.

Please Take Care!

Jake’s Auto Team

A Very Happy New Year to Our Valued Customers!

We Appreciate and Thank You for your Ongoing Business!

A Very “Happy Thanksgiving” To Our Valued Customers, Family & Friends!

Be Prepared for the Cold Winter Driving Season with these Tips: 

  • Keep your Gas Tank Full in the Winter
  • Keep a Snow Brush and an Ice Scraper in the Vehicle and Brush off your entire Vehicle “Before” you hit the road.
  • Consider purchasing a Roadside Assistance Service which provides for invaluable Peace of Mind when stranded on the road.
  • Put Together or Purchase a Winter Survival Kit. Consider Including:
    • Water and long lasting Food/Snack bars
    • Tissues, Wipes, First Aid Kit
    • Cell Phone Charger and Charger pack.
    • Blanket, Hat, Scarf, Winter Coat/RainPoncho, Hand Warmers
    • Reflective Vest, Work Gloves, Strong Flashlight and backup batteries, Utility knife/pocket tool, Battery Jumper Cables, Shovel, De-Ice Spray , Tow Straps, Distress Flag, Triangle Reflectors.
  • Schedule a Winter Vehicle Check Over Today @ Jake’s Auto. To ensure your vehicle is Winter Ready?

Winter Ready? Have your Braking System checked!

Winter driving can be hazardous. Ensure a Safe & Secure Winter Driving Experience by having your Brake System checked at Jake’s Auto.

Typical Signs your Brakes Need Attention:

  • Vehicle’s brake system warning light is on
  • Vehicle’s brake pedal vibrates
  • Braking performance is inconsistent
  • Brakes that Grab with the least pressure
  • Vehicle’s brake pedal feels soft or goes to the floor
  • Excessive squealing, grinding, groaning, chatter, screeching, clatter or banging noises
  • You smell a burning odor

Give us a call @ Jake’s Auto to schedule your Winter Ready Brake Check Today!

Winter is right around the corner and Windshield Wipers in good condition are an important Safety Item to Ensure Visibility in difficult winter driving conditions. The next time you’re at Jake’s Auto for a Service have our Team check your wipers. We have wipers for all makes and models. Consider “Winter” Blades, they are reasonably priced and an important investment for the Winter Season.

Important Wiper Tips:

  • Protect your windshield wipers by leaving them in the raised position if you park outside.
  • Make sure to keep an ice scraper and snow brush in your vehicle.
  • Use an ice scraper on the windshield ice before you turn on your wipers or press the wiper washers. This will help to protect your entire wiper system.
  • Keep a bottle of windshield washer fluid rated for cold temps at home and check your washer reservoir to ensure it’s filled before you get on the road.

Give us a call @ Jake’s Auto to schedule your next Vehicle Service and Wiper Check!


As Cold Weather Temps Plummet it’s Important to have a Vehicle “Battery Check”.

Weather can take a toll on your battery. Your vehicle’s battery is especially hard hit when temperatures fall. Colder Temps reduce cranking power. At 0°F your Battery has only about half the cranking power it has at 80°.

Don’t get stranded from a Battery not performing well. Give us a call today to schedule that important Battery Check and ensure your Battery is Ready for the upcoming Cold Weather!

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